Chief Executive Officer

FRESNO, CA Full-time
Posted on May 26, 2019

Chief Executive Officer

Tree Fresno is a non-profit environmental stewardship organization. Founded in 1985, Tree
Fresno is a tireless advocate for living green and has planted over 44,000 trees in the
community. When you tour the San Joaquin Valley, and see how the trees at schools, homes
and businesses interact with the trees that grow along the roads, paths, rivers and highways,
you begin to understand what Tree Fresno does and what the meaning of, San Joaquin Green.
The Mission of Tree Fresno is to transform the San Joaquin Valley with trees, greenways and
beautiful landscapes.

Located less than 90 minutes from 3 national parks and 3 national forests. Fresno is within 3
hours of the Pacific Ocean. Our housing costs are reasonable!
We are seeking an executive level leader, who is passionate about the environment and
mission of Tree Fresno. The ideal candidate is a proven leader with senior level experience to
inspire and engage the Tree Fresno team as well as stakeholders in the community.

Summary of Key Responsibilities:

• Responsible for leading Tree Fresno in a manner that supports and guides the mission
of the organization as defined in the by-laws and the adopted Vision Statement.
•Maintain open communication with the Board of Directors and provide timely updates
and information necessary for the Board to function properly and make informed
• Shares with the Board of Directors the responsibility for fundraising sufficient to sustain
and grow the organization.
•Responsible for ensuring that the organization capitalizes on grant opportunities by
completing application fully and submitting them in a timely manner.
•Responsible for preparing the “Work Plan” and “Annual Budget” – as required by the
ByLaws - in the form of the annual Value-Creating Plan Objectives & Financial Estimates
- as established by Corporate Policy; preparing quarterly financial statements and
progress reports, retaining with a CPA firm to prepare IRS Form 990 . . . all in a manner
that accurately reflect the state of the finances and operating status and submitted to the
Board for approval in a timely manner; and developing programs to achieve the
Objectives subject to available funding.
•Responsible for building relationships, at all levels, to carry out the Tree Fresno Mission.
•Monitor legislative issues that may impact the Mission of Tree Fresno and develop
strategies to ensure Tree Fresno’s voice is heard, consistent with the ByLaws, IRS rules
and Board policy.
•Serve as a liaison with the local governments and districts to support the Mission of Tree
•Responsible for developing education programs that will elevate environmental
understanding to include implementing Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) in
school districts.
•Responsible for the enhancement of Tree Fresno’s image by being active in the
community and by working closely with other professional, civic and private

•Responsible for the supervision of the hiring, training and retention of staff.
•Serve as the primary spokesperson for Tree Fresno; communicate the Core Values of
Tree Fresno to public organizations, state agencies and the media.
Summary of Experience and Education
•A Bachelor’s Degree is required.
•A Master’s Degree in Non-Profit Management, Public Administration or Business
Administration is preferred.
•5 + years in a management role for a non-profit organization and/or public agency; with
experience in supporting a governing board.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

•Hands on budget management skills including budget preparation, analysis and
•Strong organizational skills and proven ability to lead a team
•Knowledge of fundraising strategies including grant writing, and donor relations
•Experience collaborating with Board of Directors and volunteer groups
•Ability to engage with a diverse volunteer and donor groups
•Demonstrated interest in environmental issues that impact a community.
•Demonstrated knowledge of California geography, history and public lands
•Exceptional English language skills, verbal, written and public speaking,
•Proficient with MS 365 including Word, Excel, Outlook

If you would like to hear more about this great opportunity to be a part of a lasting impact on a
community, please contact Blair Sobba by emailing your resume and cover letter to:
For more information on Tree Fresno, please visit our website: