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Court Commissioner

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Posted on November 8, 2017

Under general direction of the Presiding Judge, a Court Commissioner is a subordinate judicial officer whose duties are governed by law and are based on the best interest of the Court. A Court Commissioner may be assigned to perform the duties of a Temporary Judge and have interchangeable assignments. This position shall maintain the independence of the judiciary and possess the utmost dignity, character and demeanor that promotes public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary. Conduct of a Court Commissioner must comply with the code of Judicial Ethics.

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: The Court Commissioner performs judicial functions for the Court, assisting the Court in disposing of business connected with the administration of justice. This position is distinguished form the position of judge in that it is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the judges and acts only as a temporary judge, presiding over cases as directed, at the stipulation of the parties. Incumbents that the responsibility of interpreting, enforcing, and carrying out current laws. Actions to be taken and decision to be made include researching specified decision issues and issuing judgements and orders. 

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS Examples of essential duties include, but are not limited to:

1. Conducts arraignments, including the issuance and signing of bench warrants for failure to appear or violation of any other court order

2. Presides over proceedings in one or more of the following: civil and small claims actions, criminal and traffic arraignments; unlawful detainer; hearings and trials of infractions; misdemeanors; felonies; probate, family law and juvenile court

3. Takes pleas, grants continuances; sets cases for trail; hears criminal court and jury trials; and hears preliminary hearings in felony cases  Imposes sentences  Receives case petitions from various justice partners including but not limited to the Department of Human Services, District Attorney's office, and Probation Department 

4. Reviews court files, documents and related materials to asses cases prior to and following hearings; prepares curt documents, records, reports, correspondence and other written materials pertaining to case findings 5. Accepts petitions for modification of order and hears same; reviews petitions, certifications, and other documents for legality of form 

Qualifying Experience and Education Experience: Active membership in the California State Bar for at least 10 years continuously prior to appointment. OR Served as a judge of a court of record in California within the last five years, or is currently eligible for the Assigned Judge Program. OR Served as a commissioner, magistrate, referee, or hearing office authorize to perform the duties of a subordinate judicial officer of a court of record of California within the last five (5) years. AND Is a citizen of the United States. Is a resident of the State of California. License, Certification and/or Special Requirements: A valid class C California driver’s license may be required. The requirement will be reviewed on a position basis in accordance with ADA regulations. While serving the Court, a commissioner is prohibited form the private practice of law.

Compensation & Benefits The annual salary for a court commissioner is $170,035.70 per year. In addition, the salary is supplemented by a generous benefit package that includes the following: Health Insurance: Major group medical, dental and vision currently paid for by the Court for the employee and medical, dental and vision care for eligible dependents with 50% of the premium paid by the Court. Vacation: 10 days paid vacation each year for the first 5 years of employment 15 days accrual during the second 5 years 20 days accrual after 10 years 25 days accrual after 20 years Management Leave: 12 paid days off (96 hours) per fiscal year. Management Leave does not accrue from year to year nor can it be cashed out in lieu of taking time off. Holidays: 14 paid holidays Life Insurance: $5,000 group life insurance with premium paid by Court PLUS additional $50,000 life insurance provided by Court. Retirement: Court employees are covered by the Merced County Employees’ Retirement Association (MCERA), a Defined Benefit Retirement System governed by the County Employees’ Retirement Act of 1937. Deferred Compensation Plans: Optional deferred compensation 457. Other Benefits: Employee Assistance Program (EAP), IRS Section Program—provides tax savings for insurance costs, dependent care costs and unreimbursed medical expenses, and short and long term disability policy.