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Financial Insurance
Fresno, CA Full time
Posted on November 12, 2017

Financial & Insurance Services Inc.

David James


I started in the insurance business through Profesco, which was a subsidiary of John Hancock Co. in 1976. Profesco was Hancock's marketing company at the time, with the sole purpose of making large loans for developments.

Through Profesco, I was instrumental in obtaining financing for several large turkey ranches, chicken ranches, and almond & pistachio orchards. I was also able to assist with many large projects, such as financing for John Q. Hammonds to build the Holiday Inns in Downtown Fresno and Sacramento; and these are just a few of the many developments I helped put together.

I was able to write large amounts of life insurance to cover the loans for these developments. At the time, John Hancock had an insurance plan with a 95% first year cash value. This allowed the insurance premiums to be tax qualified, and the cash value listed as an asset on the company balance sheet. This was a win-win for all parties involved. With my ability to provide an exceptional product to my clients, I quickly moved up to be the #1 agent with John Hancock by my third year. I had also qualified for President's Honor Club and President's Cabinet my second and third years.

As the insurance industry evolved, new insurance plans were emerging. Interest sensitive universal life, along with many other insurance products, offered a better return on invested premium than the insurance products of John Hancock.

I faced a major conflict with my current position with John Hancock and doing the right thing for the client. Due to this conflict, I knew I could not continue at John Hancock selling products to clients that did not best fulfill their needs. As a result, I formed my own independent agency, Financial & Insurance Services, Inc. to better meet the needs of my clients with the primary goal of quality service.

As a broker, I strive to find the best products and companies to represent. Many insurance agents today that represent a single insurance company still attempt to convince their clients that their company's products are the best for meeting their needs, even when this is not the case. Our specialists have access to over 100 insurance companies, allowing them to review the entire insurance marketplace for the best possible insurance products available. In turn, these quality products are then offered to our clients, resolving the conflict of doing the right thing for client at all times.

At Financial & Insurance Services, Inc. we not only find the best products to fit the needs of the client, but also provide exceptional service that sets us above the rest.

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