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Fresno, CA Full time
Posted on September 20, 2017

Assistant for eye doctor- train provided- back office working with patients, placing orders for medications- prescription eyeglasses- contact lenses- help with special testing and consultations. Calculate fees and collect non-insurance overages from each patient before they leave 

Job is for a full time staff member: 40 hours a week with a day off in the middle of the M-F week when we are open 6 days (alternating with no days off when we work 5 days straight

Back and Front Office-Training provided, should have basic medical assisting degree or college level education of 2 years.  Duties will include
1.      Styling frames for prescription eyeglasses for patients requiring lenses 
     a.      Based upon facial features and patient prescription requirements
    b.      Calculate insurance responsible contributions to patient care and the patient’s overages- Present & collect fees before each patient leaves, 
    c.    Submit insurance claims electronically
2.    Set up contact lens per case fittings and all follow up care in our office
    a.    Order fitting lenses (multiple types to find best fit)
    b.    Calculate insurance contributions and patient overages- Present & collect fees before each patient leaves, 
    c.    Submit insurance claims electronically
3.    Set appointments for dispensing of prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses
4.      Phone calls (answer by 3rd ring using proper salutation and office information) 
    a.    Make appointments (callers, for patients needing to return for additional care,  recall existing  patients),
           b.    Get patient information (name, address, email, phone, insurance data) 
           c.    Make sure no-shows and cancellations are rescheduled and all services and materials handled
            in a quality time effective manner
5.    Send out recall cards 3 weeks in advance of their scheduled appointment and call within 2-3 working days ahead of their appointment to confirm or if necessary reschedule them
6.    Learn how to properly prep patients for doctor- includes case history, set testing based upon case history, scribe answers for doctor on computer, make sure all prescribed treatment is recorded and completed
7.      Greet patients upon arrival and have them fill out information forms (if not filled ahead of time on the internet) and get copy of all insurance cards, 
8.      Help 2 other front desk staff with common reception duties common to all offices (as needed) most of duties will be in back office and laboratory).  Front desk duties may include:
        a.    Keep front desk and reception area orderly and clean
        b.    Make sure all forms are available for use (have copy center deliver forms before needed)
        c.    Make internal copies as needed
        d.    Alert back staff of incoming patients and who is to see the next to make sure they are proactively prepared to handle their next patient’s needs
9.    Special projects
10.    We have a Practice Organization Board which will define your specific work duties and there are web classes to take and tutelage by our other staff.
11.    We have monthly office- business meetings to keep you informed and educated of your work assignments. 

Please send resume to

You will be asked to come in to take a placement test and the best candidates will be given a group oral interview by the doctor to determine the best person for our job position.  We are looking for a person who has good mathematical and language skills, looks professional, able to handle computers, multiple phone lines, and control patient flow by working with all staff, and have a great personality and not be introverted or shy, yet gets their work done without visiting or prompting. 

For your reference, our office is in north Fresno near St Agnes Medical Center and our address is
    Dr. Shaw Yorizane, Jr.
    Comprehensive Integrated Primary Care and Neuro-Developmental Optometry
    Pavilion Gardens
    7411 No. Cedar Avenue- Suite 102
    Fresno, California 93720-3835
    Phone: 559-447-5522
Our office is just north of Herndon on Cedar on the west side of the street and is behind a complex water fountain and palm trees.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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