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Personal Driver

Browning Contractors Inc.
Fresno, CA Part time
Posted on December 1, 2017

Safely and timely drive the employer to and from destinations within California, and to special occasions. Safely drive the employer's business partners and associates to and from places authorized by the employer. Carry out routine inspection on the car to ensure that it is always in good condition. Maintain tire pressure, keep fuel levels at adequate levels, wash the vehicle, and other maintenance as needed. Consider different routes, check climate and traffic reports to decide the best time to travel and the best route to take. 

Requirements - Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge Professionalism: An individual driver should dependably be proficient in his/her work. 

Watchful and Safety conscious: He/she should drive with consideration at all times, realizing that the lives of his/her passengers are in his/her hand, so to say. He/she ought to likewise consider the wellbeing of other road users. A personal driver must be an expert driver, properly licensed to drive, and at least 21 years of age. The driver should ensure to be punctual to work daily, the driver must take responsibility for all issues concerning his/her work, and confidentiality is a must. Drive times may be 4-5 hours one way, overnight travel may be required. Must be able to lift up to 50lbs. Additional Responsibilities Logistics and Travel Details Before any trip, the Driver duties include consulting navigation devices for desired routes, online traffic /weather reports for departure/destination locations. 

The Driver must advise the employer/passenger of potential or existing adverse conditions and suggest alternative routes or travel time adjustments. Professionalism The Driver is expected to be mannerly and courteous in all driving and non-driving situations while on the job. Good grooming and personal hygiene with clean and proper dress as instructed by the employer are expected. Calm, rational behavior and attitude under stressful driving conditions are attributes of a professional, as are refraining from inappropriate or abusive language and gestures. Use of alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription medication that inhibit cognitive or mechanical ability either on the job, while on call or before a scheduled shift is prohibited. A sober, fully functional driver is expected by the employer at all times. Driver will open doors for passengers and close doors behind them as they exit. 

All matters of comfort for the passengers will be taken care of by the driver. Safety and Legal Duties Safe and legal driving practices are expected at all times with or without passengers.


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